Root Canal

Root Canal

Root canal treatment Perth is a necessary dental procedure that restores the function of a tooth’s canal.

About the service

Root Canal Treatment Perth

A Lifesaver for Your Teeth. Experiencing rapid tooth decay that's nearing the pulp? Bentley Plaza Dental Clinic offers advanced Root Canal Treatment, a common yet crucial dental procedure designed to address such concerns. When decay threatens the vitality of your tooth, our painless endodontic procedure, administered with precision and care, comes to the rescue. With anaesthesia ensuring a completely comfortable experience, our skilled dentists meticulously clear decay, cleanse the infected pulp using state-of-the-art instruments, and seal the canals with a durable material called GuttaPercha. Typically spanning three visits, each about four weeks apart, the treatment culminates in capping the treated tooth to restore its strength and function. Passionate about dental health, our team ensures every patient is well-informed throughout the procedure, aiming for flawless results. We prioritise your comfort and dental well-being.

  1. Saves Natural Teeth: Root canal treatment preserves teeth threatened by decay or infection.
  2. Stops Infection: The procedure cleans and seals the tooth, preventing further decay and infection.
  3. Relieves Pain: Effectively alleviates pain by removing the infected pulp and restoring tooth health.
  4. Precision Treatment: Uses advanced technology for a painless, precise procedure.
  5. Long-lasting Results: Strengthens and protects the tooth, ensuring durability and functionality.

The dental team at Bentley Plaza Dental Clinic are specially trained to diagnose and treat problems with tooth pulp Perth, WA. We have the expertise and experience necessary to provide the best care for your teeth. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of a problem with the tooth pulp, it’s important to see a dentist soon. Root Canal Treatment at Bentley can save your tooth and relieve your pain.